You Say it’s Your Birthday…..

…”Well, happy birthday to you!” goes the Beatles song. Every year, it reliably shows up, and I work through the inevitable jokes, comments and (welcome) birthday wishes. I try not to make a big deal out of my birthday….not because I mind getting older (I don’t), but I try to take the time to do a mental evaluation of the past year, compare progress against my goals…..and use it as an opportunity to re-calibrate for the coming year. That’s one of the advantages of having a birthday at the beginning of the year – it falls right around the same time as New Years’ resolutions, giving me a reminder about making plans for the upcoming year.

You say it’s your birthday?

It has been quite the year, from a number of perspectives. With the help and support of a lot of people, I’ve done more than I thought I could. It’s also helped me raise my expectations for the future. I’m excited about what’s in store….but I’m just as excited about what I’ll learn, how I’ll grow, and how I can help others reach their goals.

I think that’s been the biggest revelation for me this past year. I get a lot of satisfaction from accomplishing goals, but I get even more of a kick from helping others discover how to raise their expectations for themselves, work through problems and grow on their journey. As a parent, I’ve never been more proud than when my kids start doing things on their own. It’s hard to watch them stumble, but when they finally get their footing and start moving forward, it’s an incredible feeling. That’s what’s making me feel positive about my birthday – Even though the candles are lit on my cake….each one of those candles can light other candles, and make everything shine brighter.

What about you? How are you looking over your past year, and what are you planning for this next one? How will you be different then than today? Something to think about.

You say it’s your birthday? Well, happy birthday to you. 

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