What I Did on My Summer Vacation


Park’s closed. Moose outside should have told ya.

In just a few days, I’ll be heading out with the kids (who are really young adults at this point) on a week-long getaway. We’ve gone lots of places over the years, with more than a few adventures….and several misadventures as well. While I didn’t go on vacation much as a child, and rarely did before I had kids, I’ve found it important to take time to get away and spend time with each other. All too soon, they’ll be off to college and on their own, so it’s important to spend that time now.

Every time we’ve gone somewhere, I’ve taken lots of pictures. Thankfully, digital cameras made it possible to shoot LOTS of them. Since quantity is cheap, occasionally, I’ve taken some great ones. My favorites have been of the kids as they’ve grown – looking back at the pictures, I’m glad I’ve always carried a camera. Those pictures mean a lot to me.

Over the years, I’ve found a few rules that help make vacation a more pleasurable experience…and a more relaxing one. Have you ever gotten back from vacation, only to feel like you needed another break? Vacation should help you rest and recuperate, even if you’re going to be very active during the time off.

Slow down.

You’re taking time off to have fun – but if you get so wound up in getting to your destination, over-planning events and stressing over the details, it’s not going to be a very relaxing time. Leave enough time to comfortably get wherever you’re going. I’ve had just as much fun on the journey as I have the destination….so don’t hurry. Vacation will still be there when you arrive.

Enjoy just being.

We tend to DO a lot on vacation. I’ve always felt that we vacation like sharks…always in motion, always doing SOMETHING.  Some times, it’s good just to do nothing. Hang out. Take off your watch, put away the iPhone, turn off the computer. Facebook will survive without you…and you’ll probably be better off taking a vacation away from Twitter.

Remember the people around you.

It doesn’t do a lot of good to get so wound up on every little detail of vacation that you snap at the people with you….If you’re ‘working’ to have a good time, that’s not very relaxing, is it? Let someone else sweat the details, and if the kids want to have pizza every night on vacation, why the heck not?

It’s good to take time and get away. It’s even better to spend it with people you care about. Make it an enjoyable time for everyone, including yourself.

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One thought on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation

  1. Spot on! The best vacation we’ve had as a family was a last minute trip this year to the beach. We just hopped on the plane with a small carry-on, arrived with no pressures, and had nothing scheduled nor plans. It was healing for all of us to wake up each day and say, “what do you feel like doing?”. By some standards, it would have been very boring but we all loved doing “nothing much”. Enjoy!