Mister Fix-it

When my kids were younger, they used to have a saying…..

“Dad can fix it….he can fix ANYTHING.”

Between YouTube, Google and RepairHelp.com, I’ve saved lots of money, and kept several appliances running way longer than expected.

I (unfortunately), some times fall into the trap of believing my own hype.  

Once, my wife called from the kitchen –
“Honey, there’s water in the dishwasher.”
I cleaned out the drain, worked perfectly.

Two weeks later –
“Honey, there’s WATER in the dishwasher!”
Huh. Must be the drain pump. Bought a new part, replaced it. Worked perfectly.

Two weeks later –
“HONEY, there’s WATER in the DISHWASHER!!!”
Hmm…must be something else. Cleaned the drain. Replaced the pump. (Again). Replaced the entire drain hose.

This went on for about 6 months when….
“I know..I know…” – I figured the dishwasher was just bad, and needed to be replaced. I priced out dishwashers, checked the budget…..and as I sighed in resignation, I leaned against the kitchen counter….

…which was still warm.

“Honey…(I said tentatively)…..
…do you ever open the dishwasher before it’s finished running?”


Evidently, about every 2 weeks.

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