Get Out the Door…

This past week, I ran in the 39th Marine Corps Marathon. It wasn’t my 39th…..(only my 3rd)….but it was the first marathon I ran since a motorcycle accident in 2004 fractured my spine. At the time, I didn’t know if I would walk again….in fact, that was the last thing I remember the doctor saying […]

The Hard Sell

While the Internet has democratized the buying process for pretty much everything, the new car buying process remains, for many, a frustrating experience.  According to JD Power and Associates, over 60% of Americans said that they hate the new car buying experience. A recent poll showed that people found that not only was buying […]

What I Learned from Star Trek Movies #3: The Search for Spock

After dealing with Spock’s heroic sacrifice in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, I was excited to see that the next Star Trek movie was titled “The Search for Spock”……maybe he wasn’t really gone! That was enough of a hook to get me back in the theaters.  This movie was the first to be […]

Who do you work for?

Some days, I wonder what I’d do without technology. Other days, I wonder who’s in charge. Every so often, I have to streamline what tech tools I’m using – some applications have become too intrusive to manage, some no longer add the same value, and some, I’ve just lost interest. That’s true for most shiny […]

Mickey Mouse Outfit

I’ve been on vacation out in Southern California over the past week, several days of which were spent at Disneyland and other Southern California amusement parks. My son and I being major roller coaster fans, we’ve been to a number of amusement parks around the country, always seeking the fastest, tallest and wildest rides possible….and […]

Are you Certifiable?

As in instructor in my company’s PMP (Project Management Professional) boot camp, I’m sometimes asked why certifications are so important. I have more letters behind my last name than are actually IN my last name (which is kind of hard to do, if you think about it). Certifications are generally used to demonstrate knowledge, set […]

Process vs. Progress

“People learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored.” – John Cleese The other day, I was sitting in a project management review, and thinking about how many people were held prisoner for over an hour…with nothing really accomplished. Have you ever been stuck in a long meeting, wondering why you were […]

BYO(X)….Marks the spot

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) seems to be on many companies’ minds these days. With the deluge of smartphones, tablets and other personal devices, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. Is BYOD an essential tool in the CIO toolkit, or just the next flashy trend to catch the end-user eye? I think that BYOD is […]