Crowd Computing…

It’s incredible to see how Amazon Web Services (AWS) has grown from just a way to use excess storage capacity to the dominant player in cloud computing. Sure, there are other providers out there, and to be clear, some very capable providers in the market, including Rackspace, Google and Microsoft, but with over $3 billion in […]

Who do you work for?

Some days, I wonder what I’d do without technology. Other days, I wonder who’s in charge. Every so often, I have to streamline what tech tools I’m using – some applications have become too intrusive to manage, some no longer add the same value, and some, I’ve just lost interest. That’s true for most shiny […]

Technology Changes. People Grow.

It’s getting close to Fall, so it’s back from vacation, back to school, back to work. It’s also time for Apple to make yet another game-changing product announcement (and for us to try and guess what it is). As we get ready for the seasons to change, I got thinking about how technology changes, and […]

Are you Certifiable?

As in instructor in my company’s PMP (Project Management Professional) boot camp, I’m sometimes asked why certifications are so important. I have more letters behind my last name than are actually IN my last name (which is kind of hard to do, if you think about it). Certifications are generally used to demonstrate knowledge, set […]

One Size (Does NOT) Fit All.

After getting in better shape recently, I had to buy some new suits. While it was nice to get some newer, nicer (and smaller) clothes, it got me thinking about making technology investments. I think there are some interesting parallels. As the title says, one size does NOT fit all. If it did, we’d all […]

Lead people, Manage Technology

I’ve often wondered about the title ‘manager.’ While it conveys a certain common meaning to most, is it the best term to use when looking at how to get the most out of your team? When you treat people as needing to be ‘managed’, that implies that if not managed, they’ll disintegrate into chaos, going […]

Technology That Works

It’s always interesting to see the sheer number of options we have for improving our lives with technology – everyone I know has a smart phone, a Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/FourSquare/Pinterest account, etc. Are our lives improved by those things? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For example, while a smart phone is an awesome tool, and helps keep me in […]

BYO(X)….Marks the spot

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) seems to be on many companies’ minds these days. With the deluge of smartphones, tablets and other personal devices, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. Is BYOD an essential tool in the CIO toolkit, or just the next flashy trend to catch the end-user eye? I think that BYOD is […]

The 5 rules for solving any problem.

Way back when I was doing hands-on PC hardware support, I learned to watch other people fix PC issues, and found several truisms that translate pretty well to other situations. I’ve found that if you follow these five rules, you can do a pretty good job of getting by. 1. Believe everybody. What they’re telling […]