Getting Out the Door – Chapter 20

In November, 2012,  I was at the end of my patience. On the morning of November 22, Thanksgiving Day, I tipped the scales at 250.5 lbs. Nobody ever held me down and forced food on me…I had done this to myself. I knew I had to deal with my eating issues. I didn’t drink or […]

Rock Bottom – Chapter 19

In late 2012, things were going from bad to worse. I had survived the accident and recovery, but everything else seemed to be going wrong. I had left a job that I had held for over a decade, and was struggling in the new one. I wasn’t in good physical health from all the stress, […]

Falling Apart – Chapter 18

Not all injuries are physical. After the motorcycle accident, it took a long time for me to feel normal or safe again. Even after that, there were some situations that brought back memories of the accident and its aftermath in vivid detail. I was never a good passenger in a car. I always felt safer […]

Climbing and Crashing – Chapter 17

As I increased my distance, I started enjoying riding with other people. It was now four years post-accident, and I felt pretty confident on my bike. I upgraded from a hybrid bike to a “real” carbon fiber road bike, and would occasionally ride my bike 21 miles to the office a couple days a week. […]

As Easy as Riding a Bike – Chapter 16

As I reached the 1-year mark post-accident, I continued physical therapy, but I had to see the doctor less and less. At the ‘anniversary’ of surgery, Dr. Childs said – “You’ve made great progress, so I think we’re done.” After major surgery, rehabilitation, and a year of healing and hard work, he released me from […]

Mailbox to a Mile – Chapter 14

When I got home from the hospital, I had only been walking for a short distance – only 10-20 feet at a time. Dr. Childs told me that walking was one of the best ways to build up my strength, so that’s what I did. On the first day home, I decided to walk….all the […]

Back Home Again – Chapter 13

After two months in the rehab hospital, I was discharged and sent home. I wasn’t doing great, but I could stand, sit, and walk a few steps around the house. I got used to the routine of being upright, but also had a number of limitations. I could walk across a room, but I would […]

Life Happens – Summary Chapter 1

When I got on my motorcycle on July 9, 2004, I had no idea what was about to happen. Had it gone slightly differently, I could have walked away from the accident, been permanently paralyzed, or worse. As it was, I suffered a devastating injury, and it took months of rehabilitation in the hospital just […]

Peace Out – Chapter 12

Peace had been there since my first day at the rehab hospital. I was getting close to three months since the accident, and I talked with Peace more than anyone else, including my family and visitors. Since she saw me every day, she got to see my mood change, but she didn’t see all the […]